Advancing Learning Conference (2017)

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In 2017 I presented a talk titled 'Differentiating Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality' at the Advancing Learning Conference. Mohawk College was that years host.

Talk abstract

The relatively recent increase in computing power available to consumers (whether it be via smartphones or personal computers) has allowed for a growing abundance of AR and VR ready devices, each of which provides the computing and video processing capabilities needed for augmented and virtual reality in our classrooms. Rapidly decreasing costs have also allowed these technologies to become relatively affordable, and many academic institutions have already begun to integrate the technologies within their own classrooms. As these distinct yet similar technologies become increasingly available and ingrained in the public consciousness, it is wise to discuss and differentiate between the two technologies as we consider them for our own use. In this talk Jason will discuss the definitions, attributes, and brief history of each technology (augmented reality and virtual reality) in an effort to provide clarity on what exactly AR and VR are. Afterwards, Jason will discuss and show examples of how the technologies are being used in our classrooms today. This discussion will also include information on his own work with the McMaster Anatomy Lab and their pending investigation on the use of the Microsoft HoloLens, as they seek to determine the effectiveness of augmented reality’s ability to replace cadavers within their educational program